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Here are a few projects I've worked on recently

  • Breakout Arcade Game

    A classic arcade game in the style of Breakout on Atari written in Html, CSS, Javascript, and Canvas.

  • Array Methods Demo App

    An app demonstrating proficiency in the most common array methods and how to display them in the DOM. Written in vanilla Javascript.

  • Javascript Star Wars Memory Game

    A memory game written in vanilla Javascript. Similar to card matching games you may have played as a kid, with a Star Wars theme. Sound on if you are a Star Wars fan!

  • React Like Button

    A simple like button built in React that updates the count with every click. My first React project!

  • React Contact List

    A single page react application showing a contact list. You can click each contact to open up their contact card details.

  • Etsy Search Page Clone

    A clone of an Etsy search page using Html, CSS, Javascript, and a little jquery.

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